Concern parents (inset) say Roman Reigns is “subliminally encouraging young boys to engage in self-pleasure.”

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is once again facing harsh public scrutiny amid complaints from a parental lobbying group alleging that Roman Reigns makes “repeated masturbatory allusions” with his forearm.

“This kind of filth should not be allowed on television,” said Patricia Robertson, spokesperson of Make America Moral Again (MAMA). “Roman Reigns is clearly advocating for sinful auto-eroticism, using his forearm as a substitute for his procreative organ.”

The group has launched an online petition demanding the “immediate and permanent cessation” of Reigns forearm-stroking gesture, as well as several other activities deemed “lewd and inappropriate”:

  • The New Day’s “lascivious hip gyrations”
  • Cesaro’s “tantalizing” nipples
  • Shinsuke Nakamura’s “obsession with touching other men’s groins with his inner elbow”

WWE issued a statement this morning refuting the claim that Reigns is making a masturbatory allusion, insisting instead that the gesture is a pantomime of cocking a shotgun, “which is perfectly decent and moral in present-day America.”

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