Hulk Hogan has admitted that he’s “got something deep inside” of him, leading to rumors of cancer or heartburn.

Sources close to legendary professional wrestler Hulk Hogan reveal that, as prophesied in the music of Rick Derringer decades ago, it has come crashing down.

“And it hurts inside,” Hogan reportedly confided in his barber, who identified himself only as Brutus B.

Though information is still hazy about why it has come crashing down and hurts inside, it is believed that someone (possibly Zeus?) has hurt Hogan’s friends and hurt his pride.

Hogan merely issued a cryptic tweet this morning stating that he’s “gotta be a man” and he “can’t let it slide.”

While Hogan is currently reeling, his friends believe he will soon “hulk up” — shake his fists and stomp in circles, his wispy sweat-drenched skullet whipping about — because he doesn’t take trouble for very long.