After a few uneventful years working for AEW (American Extreme Wrestling), Cody Rhodes has grovelled his way back into the big leagues and re-debuted in NXT under an exciting new persona, Colby Dreamdust. 

Clad in a colorful polka-dot unitard, Colby Dreamdust paid tribute to his late father, Dusty Rhodes, by dancing around the ring for no less than six minutes with his manager Opal (formerly known as Brandi Rhodes). 

Some fans and pundits believe that Cody Rhodes deserves to retain his real name — and regain his former position on WWE’s main roster — and believe that his assignment to NXT a punishment for perceived disloyalty to WWE. 

But Colby Dreamdust dismisses such ideas as “nonsense, quite frankly.”

 “I know I have to start at the very bottom and work my way to the top again,” he said, his eyes obviously scanning a teleprompter. He added, listlessly: “That’s the Colby Dreamdust promise.” 

A single tear then escaped Colby Dreamdust’s right eye and trickled down his cheek in a tiny river of glitter and regret. 

UPDATE: Colby Dreamdust is now just Colby.

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