CM Punk streak
CM Punk’s revered undefeated/unvictorious streak has survived another day.

Former professional wrestler and longtime UFC signee CM Punk achieved another career milestone today by successfully defending his vaunted UFC “streak,” keeping it at 0-0.

Punk neither won nor lost — nor even competed in — a UFC fight today, extending the streak to an unprecedented duration.

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of Punk’s announcement that he had signed a multi-fight contract with UFC, and he has overcome the odds remain undefeated — and unvictorious — throughout all of 2015, with no end in sight.

“My secret weapon is not fighting,” Punk said in an interview today, revealing his unorthodox strategy.

Though some MMA pundits doubt whether Punk will ever fight in UFC due to nagging injuries, Punk insists his debut will happen soon.

“Your going to be surprised, because Im not a quieter,” he tweeted, committing several uncharacteristic grammatical blunders in the process.