Will CM Punk be at Payback
CM Punk has partaken in many forms of sports and entertainment recently, but no sports entertainment.

Professional wrestler CM Punk, who has been on hiatus for nearly two months, is reportedly unaware that he is booked to perform at the WWE pay-per-view event Payback this Sunday.

Punk has been blissfully oblivious to the happenings of World Wrestling Entertainment since mid-April, spending his long-awaited free time at hockey and baseball games, reading comic books and watching movies.

No allusions to professional wrestling have appeared on Punk’s Twitter feed for weeks — except for a tweet in which he wrote “I hate wrestling” — which leads many to believe he is unaware of his booking in a high-profile match this Sunday against Chris Jericho.

The match has been entirely orchestrated by Jericho and Paul Heyman, with no input from Punk himself, who was last seen bicycling through Chicago’s Millennium Park with close friend and fellow wrestler Colt Cabana.

Contacted by Kayfabe News, Cabana said: “Punk hasn’t said a word about Payback to me. I don’t think he knows about it. I don’t think I’ll bring it up.”

WWE has reportedly been unable to contact Punk, leading the organization to emphasize that Sunday’s card is “subject to change.”