CM Punk WWE return 2016
This tweet from CM Punk has sparked speculation that the controversial wrestler is returning to WWE.

Controversial former pro wrestler CM Punk, whose mixed martial arts debut has been delayed again, recently posted a cryptic tweet that some fans interpret as a tacit admission that he will soon return to WWE.

Although Punk has publicly insisted he is focused on MMA, many believe his recent tweet is a puzzle that, properly decoded, hints at an imminent return to the squared circle.

The tweet reads: “Miller with a legit nhl 94 wrap around OT to win.”

According to longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler, the tweet is “almost certainly” a cryptic admission that he will return to WWE, “possibly at Fastlane this Sunday.”

Mutzler offered the following decryption of Punk’s coded message:

“The name ‘Miller’ is clearly an allusion to wrestler Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller, who earned critical acclaim for his role in the movie The Wrestler, in which a veteran performer makes a much-anticipated return to the ring — much like Punk will return this Sunday.”

The allusion to “nhl 94” is, Mutzler writes, a reference to “New Hampshire Lackey,” a derogatory nickname Punk holds for WWE executive Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who debuted in 1994.

Some naive commenters in online wrestling forums have suggested that Punk was actually referring to hockey in the tweet, but that is clearly ludicrous, since hockey is a fake sport in which Punk has never expressed any interest.