Triple h workout dvd
CM Punk performs “plancks” to get TOTALLY RIPPED, with the encouragement of Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Aiming to get into peak physical condition for his UFC debut, ornery former pro wrestler CM Punk has begun an intense workout regimen with the instruction of Hunter Hearst Helmsley’s new fitness DVD.

Setting aside his personal and professional differences with Helmsley, Punk began his workouts in the rumpus room of his Chicago home earlier this week.

Helmsley’s “WWE Power Series” DVD boasts “100 minutes of exercises to get you TOTALLY RIPPED,” and comes packaged with 30 gallons of expired ICO PRO.

“I want to get totally ripped for my big debut in the Octagon,” said Punk. “I want to look like my idol, Ryback.”

Acknowledging that cardiovascular conditioning is also vital to success in UFC, Punk intends to begin training next week with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley’s “WWE Fit Series” DVD.

Punk’s first UFC fight is rumored to be scheduled for September, but his first UFC walk-out is rumored to be scheduled for June.