CM Punk has signed with, and walked out on, TNA Wrestling.

The wrestling world was abuzz today with the news that CM Punk had emerged from his self-imposed exile to sign — and promptly walk out on — a contract with Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling.

Punk has not been seen in a professional wrestling context since late January, when the rebellious star “walked out” of a prominent position in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for unspecified reasons.

Punk shocked fans and pundits alike this week by signing with TNA — a smaller rival promotion of WWE — but surprised nobody when he defiantly broke his contractual obligations with the company before even making his first appearance.

TNA President Dixie Carter has euphemistically described Punk’s absence as a “sabbatical,” though it is widely believed that Punk’s walk-out is some form of passive-aggressive protest against the company’s chronic misbooking of Samoa Joe.

Punk was scheduled to hold a press conference to explain his actions, but he walked out on it before any reporters arrived.