CM Punk mother
CM Punk is filing for a restraining order against all wrestling fans, whom he labels “just gross.”

Just days after it was revealed that he had filed for a restraining order against his own mother, professional wrestler CM Punk has filed for a similar injunction against all wrestling fans.

“I’m just so sick of them,” Punk explained while filing the requisite paperwork at a Chicago district courthouse. “They’re gross.”

Punk has had a sordid history with wrestling fans, notoriously treating them with derision at hotels and airports, berating them with homophobic slurs, and blatantly punching one in the face.

After seeking a restraining order against his mother — whom Punk alleges has repeatedly harassed him for money and made threats — the wrestler decided he would also prefer to keep all fans of wrestling at a distance.

If his restraining order is approved by a judge, no wrestling fan will be allowed to come within one mile of Punk, which could pose serious problems for live wrestling events.

Punk has reportedly sought advice from Paul Heyman, who has successfully filed restraining orders against roughly a  dozen former ECW wrestlers who have badgered him for years about bounced checks.