cm punk wrestlemania 33
CM Punk will indeed return to WWE at WrestleMania 33, confirms the guy who works with the big brother of Braden Ward (inset).

Rumors are swirling that former professional wrestler and mixed martial arts legend CM Punk is planning a surprise return to WWE at WrestleMania — and a guy who works with the big brother of a local teen insists the rumours are true.

“Seriously, Todd (Jenkins) says it’s true,” proclaimed 14-year-old Braden Ward, whose older brother Ryan works with Jenkins at a Tallahassee-area Arby’s.

“Todd wouldn’t lie about that.”

If T0dd is correct — which we must presume he is until proven otherwise — the imminent return of CM Punk will send shockwaves through the sports-entertainment world, given his acrimonious departure from WWE in 2014.

As evidence for his claim, Todd said a carload of WWE employees — David Otunga, Funaki, and referee Chad Patton — recently ordered roast beef sandwiches from his drive-thru, and he swears he overheard them talking about Punk’s WrestleMania return.

Todd told his coworker Ryan, who shared the news with his kid brother Braden, who posted it on his website, which means it passes muster as a confirmed fact in wrestling journalism.