punk gall

Longtime sports-entertainer CM Punk, having already achieved numerous championships and accolades in his career, tonight selflessly “put over” developmental UFC talent Mickey Gall.

Although Punk would, of course, easily destroy Gall in a legitimate fight, he graciously “tapped out” to Gall in the first round of the staged spectacle of UFC 203.

By deliberately losing the “fight,” Punk has passed the proverbial torch to a new generation of UFC “workers” such as Gall, who aspire to get called up from the so-called developmental ranks to the main roster of UFC.

Much like Chris Jericho, Mark Henry and the Headbangers, Punk is expected to periodically reappear in UFC to help “push” a new rookie into the spotlight.

Punk’s next fight is scheduled to be a losing effort against Zack Sabre Jr. in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic.