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CM Punk says he has “no idea” why people keep insisting he used to be a pro wrestler.

In his ongoing efforts to distance himself from his past career as a professional wrestler, UFC fighter-in-training CM Punk denied today that he was ever employed by World Wrestling Entertainment.

“Never heard of it,” said Punk when asked by reporters about his WWE tenure. “Wait — is that the wildlife charity? I might have donated to their save-the-pandas thing.”

Punk has repeatedly tried to downplay his past affiliation with WWE ever since his acrimonious 2014 split with the company, dismissing it in a recent Sports Illustrated article as “fake” and “non-existent.”

Though he is understandably keen to focus on his future as an MMA star, Punk is going to what some believe are absurd lengths to put his well-documented WWE past behind him by outright denying any involvement with the company.

“WWE┬áis imaginary, like Santa Claus or my sense of humility,” said Punk. “I have never been a pro wrestler. In fact, I doubt such a thing even exists.”

Asked for his opinion on Vince McMahon, Punk replied: “Was he Johnny Carson’s sidekick?”