Feeling like he needed some fresh air and a bit of exercise this morning, elusive professional wrestler CM Punk decided to go for a walk, then walked out.

Punk, who has not been seen in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) since abruptly departing the company in January, was supposed to wait in his Chicago home for a lawyer to arrive to discuss contractual matters, but decided to eschew his contractual obligations and just walk out instead.

After covering his head with the hood of his sweatshirt, lest he be spotted by any pesky fans whose devotion made him a millionaire, he walked out of his apartment and walked out into his Chicago neighbourhood.

Punk accidentally twisted his ankle on an uneven sidewalk, gingerly walked into a walk-in clinic, and roughly an hour later walked out on crutches.

Frustrated, he returned home, walked into his walk-in closet, changed into his comfy jammies, and walked out to his bedroom, where he lay in bed and re-watched the comedy Walk Hard.

He had planned to cook Chinese food for dinner, but couldn’t be bothered to get his wok out.

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