CM Punk kayfabe
To his fellow passengers' chagrin, CM Punk dropped a different kind of pipe bomb in an elevator.

Professional wrestler CM Punk was slightly embarrassed yesterday after accidentally dropping a “pipe bomb” of a different sort in a crowded, slow-moving hotel elevator.

Punk instantly regretted the silent-but-violent pipe bomb, which he attributed to the veggie burrito and Pepsi he had a recently enjoyed at a Mexican restaurant near his Chicago apartment.

Punk said nothing after delivering the pipe bomb, but instead looked around the elevator in mock disgust, as if trying to deflect blame onto someone else. His efforts were futile, however, since all nine other people on the elevator instantly assumed the pipe bomb had emanated from the scruffy, tattooed guy with the greasy hair.

Unlike his usual “pipe bombs” — verbal diatribes aimed squarely at the powers-that-be and his rivals in professional wrestling — the gaseous pipe bomb he dropped in the elevator was barely audible, yet remarkably powerful.

And, contrary to his televised pipe bombs, Punk’s elevator pipe bomb drastically diminished, not increased, his popularity among those around him.