Hillary Clinton says accusations that she was the Raw GM is just another example of “Trumped-up trickle-down thuganomics.”

As the American presidential candidates prepare for their all-important final debate, Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton has been rocked by yet another email scandal, this time alleging that she was the Anonymous General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

According to documents released┬áby the Republican party, Clinton sent 30,000 emails to WWE commentator Michael Cole between 2010 and 2011 — many of which contained classified storyline information, and nearly all of which were deleted under mysterious circumstances.

“Crooked Hillary booked so many bad matches, it’s a disaster, just a disaster” said Trump during a press conference this morning. “Why was she anonymous? What was she hiding?”

Added Trump: “I have the best temperament. I am the best. [Loud sniffing]”

Although the identity of the Anonymous General Manager was ostensibly revealed to be Hornswoggle, Trump dismisses this as a “false confession” coerced out of the leprechaun by “crooked Hillary’s cronies and perpetuated by the lying liberal media scumnuggets.”

Clinton has vehemently denied allegations that she was the Raw GM, but many critics have drawn attention to how frequently she uses the phrase “May I have your attention, please.”