Snitsky fault
Snitsky says global warming is not his fault, but that’s exactly what one would expect him to say.

While there is near-consensus among scientists that global temperatures have steadily risen over the past half-century, there is still fierce debate as to whether such warming is a natural process, the result of post-Industrial-Revolution carbon dioxide emissions, or entirely the fault of former pro wrestler Gene Snitsky. 

Snitsky, for the record, insists that it is not his fault.

But it seems a growing number of scientifically illiterate “climate skeptics,” particularly in the United States, have also adopted a Snitskyesque “not our fault’ mantra regarding greenhouse gas emissions. 

Snitsky’s denial rings hollow, however, since he has also refused to accept responsibility for numerous actions which clearly were his doing, including punting a baby into the 17th row of a wrestling audience. 

WWE Hall of Famer and US President Donald Trump has not overtly blamed Snitsky (instead suggesting a cockamamie Chinese conspiracy theory), but it is generally accepted that Trump is as capable of understanding science as he is at selling a Stone Cold Stunner — that is, not at all. 

Most mainstream scientists insist the evidence of human-caused climate change is now irrefutable, but conclusive evidence will not be available until the publication of precise mathematical calculations by University of Michigan climate scientist Prof. S. Steiner.