fake-razor-ramon hall of fame
Fake Razor Ramon was thrilled — and, like everyone else, incredibly surprised — to learn he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Due to a clerical error committed by an intern at World Wrestling Entertainment’s Connecticut headquarters, this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will feature the induction of Fake Razor Ramon.

Although fans and fellow wrestlers have been expecting to celebrate the tremendous contributions of Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall to sports entertainment, the honor will actually go to his 1996 replacement.

Rick “Razor Ramon” Bognar, who portrayed the Razor Ramon character after Hall left WWE to perform in rival promotion World Championship Wrestling, will be feted during the April 5 induction ceremony.

Although Bognar is reportedly thrilled by the news, given the less-than-stellar career that followed his short stint as Razor Ramon, few in the wrestling industry share his enthusiasm.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was reportedly “furious” about the mix-up and the intern responsible for the error was fired. But due to the legally binding nature of the agreement, WWE must follow through with the induction.

It was announced today that Fake Razor Ramon will be inducted by Glen “Fake Diesel” Jacobs.