Bryan surrenders intercontinental
A popular ambassador of Intercontinent, Daniel Bryan, has relinquished his role as representative of the conjoined landmass.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Daniel Bryan shocked and saddened the residents of Intercontinent today when he relinquished the prestigious championship that represents their landmasses.

Sidelined by injury, Bryan was forced to forfeit his Intercontinental Championship this week on WWE’s flagship weekly program, Raw, leaving the good people of Intercontinent to wonder who will represent them now.

“Bryan was a wonderful ambassador for our connected geographic regions,” said Reginald Pangaea, a resident of North America, Asia, Africa, and several other regions of Intercontinent.

“We Intecontinentalonians no longer know who will be our hero.”

The WWE Intercontinental Championship has served as a proud emblem for the citizens of Intercontinent since it was first won by Pat Patterson at a tournament in Rio De Janeiro, which Kayfabe News attended because it was totally a real tournament and not fictional.

Although the citizens of Intercontinent feel rudderless without their champion, they can take comfort knowing that Bryan inflicted similar pain last year on the citizens of World.