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This Saturday night in Miami, WWE will induct into its Hall of Fame the weird rich guy whose tiger got stolen in The Hangover.

This Saturday night in Miami, World Wrestling Entertainment will induct into its prestigious Hall of Fame the chubby black guy with the weird face tattoo from comedy blockbuster The Hangover.

“WWE is proud to induct the pudgy guy with the effeminate voice whose pet tiger got stolen by the stars of The Hangover,” reads a press release on WWE.com.

According to the press release, the guy who sang along off-key with Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight was chosen as an inductee into the Hall of Fame because “it was really funny when he knocked out that Zach Galifianakis guy.”

The announcement caused some initial confusion — many people insisted that the lispy guy from The Hangover had already been inducted into the Hall of Fame several years ago — but that was 2006 inductee William “Refrigerator” Perry.