Jericho 1005
Chris Jericho displays his list of 1004 holds, to which he recently added a 1005th.

WWE superstar Chris Jericho, the self-professed “Man of 1,004 Holds,” surprised even himself today when he managed to learn a 1,005th hold.

During a WWE house show in Omaha, while attempting to apply a standard reverse chikenwing, Jericho inadvertently executed a rarely seen hold called the “inverted Fujiwara near-naked chokesault.”

A look of surprised delight came over Jericho’s face as his opponent, John Cena, immediately tapped out thanks to the unusual maneuver.

Though it was obvious that Jericho applied the hold by accident, he was his usual arrogant self backstage after the match, claiming to have “known the move for years.”

Sources close to Jericho, however, report that he immediately rummaged through his luggage to find a long print-out detailing all 1,004 holds in his arsenal, and hastily scribbled “inverted Fujiwara rear-naked chokesault” at the bottom of it.

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