Jericho Brazil
Chris Jericho has cancelled his upcoming Brazilian wax as a form of protest.

Still upset over an incident in Brazil that resulted in his 30-day suspension from WWE action, professional wrestler Chris Jericho has expressed his dissatisfaction by cancelling his upcoming appointment for Brazilian waxing.

“When your job requires you to wear skimpy spandex trunks on TV, it pays to have a hairless gloss,” said Jericho, who sparked controversy last week by stomping on a Brazilian flag before a match in Sao Paolo.

“But right now, I don’t want to support a Brazilian pastime, so I’m just going to shave my bikini line instead.”

Although desecrating a flag is a common technique used by wrestling “heels” to generate “heat” with the live audience, Brazilian officials were mortified by the mistreatment of their national symbol, and forced Jericho to apologize before allowing the match to continue.

Jericho was scheduled to have his regular Brazilian waxing this Wednesday, but since he is suspended for 30 days, he says he is not worried about getting “a little gnarly down there.”