Wrestling chants
The enthusiastic Chicago wrestling fans ruin a perfectly good promo, as is their self-appointed mission.

When Monday Night Raw, the flagship weekly program of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), rolls into Chicago tonight, the live audience is expected to be pumped-up, boisterous, and extremely annoying to the worldwide television audience.

Chicago fans are anticipating tonight’s show with as much enthusiasm and passion as television viewers are dreading it — and for precisely the same reasons.

At a tailgate party outside Chicago’s Allstate Arena, hundreds of beer-fuelled fans are already warming up with hollers of “CM Punk!” and “What?!” — chants with which they intend to ruin the show for everyone watching at home.

When the program goes live at 8pm EDT, the fans will almost certainly begin trying to one-up each by pointlessly shouting the names of commentators, referees, Randy Savage, and blurting whichever other irrelevant syncopated three-to-flour-syllable exclamations cross their minds.

The Chicago fans will also likely taunt Ryback with chants of “Goldberg,” mistakenly believing that they are being somehow witty and original.

The fans are expected to take a brief, three-minute break from being annoying for the Divas’ match, during which they’ll be dead quiet.