Chicago-area wrestling fans will hate Raw, unless they see the man has openly shown disdain for them by walking out on his contractual obligations.

More than 15,000 fans of professional wrestling in Chicago are eagerly anticipating their opportunity to hate and potentially ruin a live event on which they each spent at least $45 apiece to attend.

The fans can’t wait to start booing and chanting their displeasure during this week’s live broadcast of Monday Night Raw, despite willfully exchanging their own hard-earned money in order to gain admittance to the Allstate Arena.

An online movement has called on the Chicago fans to “hijack Raw,” based on the nonsensical supposition that being noisy and passionately opinionated will somehow “send a message” to WWE brass.

The fans intend to chant “You can’t wrestle” at performers who earn exorbitant salaries thanks to the willingness of those same fans to purchase tickets, pay-per-views, WWE Network subscriptions, and overpriced wrestling-themed merchandise.

During the three-hour event, the contrarian fans will boo the WWE’s good guys (or “babyfaces”) and cheer the bad guys (“heels”), showing their disapproval of characters and storylines they religiously watch every week.

The Chicago fans do plan on erupting with joy if tonight’s event features an appearance by CM Punk — a wrestler who openly showed his disdain for fans and colleagues by walking out on his contractual obligations.


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