You’re probably know the Undertaker as the fearsome, phantasmagoric Phenom of the squared circle, but you probably don’t realize that, in his spare time, he loves to work away in the craft room of his Death Valley castle making unique trinkets to sell through his online marketplace on Etsy.

From beaded bracelets to dream-catchers and custom-sewn handbags emblazoned with motivational slogans (“You go girl!” and “Rest in peace and love!”), the Undertaker’s e-commerce outlet allows him to express a different side of his creative, blackened soul.

Here are some of our favorite items from his store, Dead Man Craftin’:


  1. My First Urn: The Undertaker makes all his own urns with his pottery wheel and urn, and if you ask him at the time of purchase, he’ll fill it with the ashes of a suitable animal (the urn below contains both horse and narwhal!


2. Death Valley Pillow: You’ll be resting in peace every night with this chic pillow, stuffed by the Deadman himself with cotton, memory foam, and the souls of the damned.


3. RIP Earrings: Perfect for the gal who has everything, or that one friend with Albano face piercings.



4. Death Fluffies! These little bats and their favorite tombstone are just so darn adorable, you’ll forget that you are trapped, as we all are, in a


5. Get salty! (And peppery). If you’re going to start throwing potatoes, better make sure they come well seasoned! A one-two punch of flavor that comes with a receipt.


6. Hearse and Tombstone Flip Flops: Want to dress exactly how the Undertaker dresses when he is making crafts for his Etsy shop? Get these adorably morbid flip flops. Then all you’ll need to complete the ensemble is a pink speedo and an Alf shirt.




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