Brock lesnar costume
Brock Lesnar has been excited about Halloween for months, according to his legal guardian Paul Heyman.

If you thought professional wrestler Brock Lesnar was cute before, check out how cuddly-wuddly he looks in his adorable kitty-cat costume!

Lesnar, whose teddy-bear physique and bubbly personality have endeared him to fans everywhere, has taken adorbs to a whole new level with his little button nose and whiskers.

Don’t you want to roll him over and rub his fuzzy wuzzy wittle belly?

“Meow,” said Lesnar while posing for photos with fans outside a WWE costume party. “Cuddle City, friend!”

Lesnar wasn’t the only WWE personality to get dressed up for the occasion. The Undertaker went to the party as a sexy nurse, Bray Wyatt dressed up as Justin Bieber, and Vince McMahon pretended to be a normal human being.