Cena sucks
The highlight of Tyler Silcox’s life was the time John Cena, whom he ostensibly hates but secretly envies, posed for this photo with him.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar John Cena “sucks,” according to 27-year-old footwear salesman Tyler Silcox, who secretly wishes he could be exactly like John Cena.

Silcox, who frequently derides Cena in online wrestling forums by using the phrase “We’ve Cena Nuff,” dreams nightly about having Cena’s physique, charisma, athletic ability, wealth, girlfriend, altruism, and fame.

Although he recently mocked a young child for wearing a colorful Cena-themed t-shirt, Silcox regularly performs Cena’s “you can’t see me” gesture in the mirror, and strives to live by Cena’s credo of “hustle, loyalty, respect.”

Silcox is one of millions of male twenty-somethings around the world who outwardly mock Cena for his goody-two-shoes persona and somewhat predictable ring style, while simultaneously wishing they could be exactly like the wrestler in every conceivable way.

Silcox also regularly thinks of Cena when, in the privacy of his bedroom, he performs a variation of the five-knuckle shuffle.