Cena marriage proposal
We had to censor this image due to nudity. But trust us — it wasn’t very appealing. They were wrestling fans.

In an impromptu moment that drew big cheers from fans, WWE superstar John Cena temporarily stopped a match today against Bray Wyatt to acknowledge a newlywed couple at ringside consummating their marriage via sexual congress.

Cena grabbed a microphone and saluted the naked lovers writhing on the arena floor: “We said history would be made tonight — and we’ve got some babymaking happening!”

Although TV cameras caught the couple in action, the footage will be censored due to graphic content before Smackdown airs later this week.

According to one backstage source, the couple had been dating for seven years and “saving themselves” until marriage. Today’s taping of Smackdown in Philadelphia¬†happened to be the first night of their honeymoon, and they couldn’t wait any longer to satiate their matrimonial lust.

It is believed lovemakers may have been the same couple that got engaged on Raw this week — which resulted in similar acknowledgement from Cena — but this was impossible to confirm because their faces were obscured by tousled, sweat-drenched hair.

Once the couple had finished their church-sanctioned act of¬†copulation, fans in the arena burst out into a chant: “She said yes! She said yes! She said yes, yes, oh God yes, yessssss.”