John Cena kicks out at 2
John Cena always kicks out atchoo.

Popular professional wrestler John Cena was overcome by the need to sneeze this morning when, true to form, he kicked out atchoo.

Cena, who has been sidelined with a triceps injury but is set to return to action at WWE’s upcoming Hell in a Cell event, is notorious for always kicking out atchoo.

The sneeze caused a great spray of spittle and mucous, which he wiped away from his nose with the back of his hand — a technique he calls the Five Knuckle Sniffle.

Cena has overcome chronic sneezing in the past through sheer will and determination, and by repeating the motivational mantra “Rise Above Hay Fever.”

Cena used to prescribe his own allergy medication, but has been unable to do so ever since he was stripped of his doctorate in Thuganomics.


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