John Cena, who worked hard to assemble Team Cena, shocked fans today by quitting the team

In a shocking turn of events, WWE Superstar® John Cena, who spent the past several weeks valiantly struggling to assemble allies for his Survivor Series team, abruptly quit Team Cena.

Cena announced via Twitter this morning that he had quit his eponymous team “for personal reasons,” though many industry insiders believe he was frustrated by the recent addition of Ryback to the team.

Cena and Ryback have a complicated past, exacerbated by the stark contrast between Cena’s anti-bullying stance and Ryback’s pro-bullying stance.

It is unclear who will captain Team Cena at the Survivor Series event on Nov. 23, though the contractual stipulations for the match state that a team captain must be replaced by his next-of-kin, who in this case is Nikki Bella.

Some fans believe Cena’s withdrawal from his titular team foreshadows his long-awaited “heel turn,” which Bleacher Report has, for the past six years, reported to be “imminent.”