Cena stunner
In an unprecedented turn of events that has shocked the wrestling world, John Cena has performed a springboard stunner that didn’t look ridiculous.

Wrestling fans worldwide are abuzz today after WWE superstar John Cena, after countless failed attempts, performed a springboard stunner that did not look clunky or ineffective.

At a WWE Live Event in St. Louis, Cena propelled himself off the second ring rope and, while hurtling through the air, grasped the head of opponent King Barrett and plunged downward in a seated three-quarter facelock jawbreaker, or “stunner.”

Despite all precedent, the move looked crisp, fluid, and devastatingly effective — instead of the silly trampoline act that Cena has hitherto performed around the world.

Stunned, Barrett careened backwards to the mat, allowing Cena to perform his trademark five-knuckle shuffle — which, as always, looked preposterous.

In related news, Dean Ambrose recently performed his between-the-ropes-teeter-totter-reboundy maneuver without looking like a complete spaz.