John Cena new shirt
John Cena has been repackaged to fully appeal to his target demographic.

After years of continually repackaging his image with a slew of increasingly colorful and garish t-shirts, professional wrestler John Cena has revealed that his next set of ring gear will be a full-blown clown costume., the official merchandise outlet of World Wrestling Entertainment merchandise, unveiled today a full line of related merchandise, including Cena-branded red noses and oversized shoes.

In a press release issued this morning, WWE stated that the re-branding is “in line with market research that reveals Cena’s core fan-base as the demographic of children between the ages of 3¬†and 9.”

The new look is the culmination of a multi-year progression of Cena’s character from rapping “thug” to incessantly smiling goofball wearing cartoonish, blindingly bright¬†shirts bearing corny inspirational slogans.

In keeping with the rebranding, Cena’s new catch-phrases will include “Hustle, Loyalty, Goofy Fun” and “Never Give Up Smiling.”

Cena is expected to wear the clown outfit until sales of related merchandise begin to dwindle, at which point he will be repackaged as Thuggy Wuggy The Grappling Teletubby.