nikki bella cena engaged
John Cena (right) poses for a photo with the Bella Twin he assumes is Nikki.

Popular professional wrestler John Cena was in the proverbial “doghouse” yesterday after forgetting which of the Bella Twins he is dating.

Cena committed the faux pas during an interview for the reality TV show Total Divas, fumbling the answer to a question about his love life.

“I’m having a great time in my relationship with, um, oh damn, what’s her name, uh, one of the Bellas,” Cena said.

“You know, the one with the bigger boobs. Um, Brie?”

Cena, who is known to typically keep cool under pressure, was visibly flustered by the mistake, especially after he was informed that he’s actually dating Nikki.

Nikki was reportedly “livid” when she heard about Cena’s mistake, and furiously sped off in the expensive Land Rover that Cena recently bought for her.

Cena later received a text message from Nikki, which simply read: “You can’t see me anymore.”