John Cena fans
Brandon Jenkins, having just hit puberty, has reversed his stance on John Cena.

Twelve-year-old Brandon Jenkins, a longtime fan of wrestler John Cena, abruptly changed allegiances this week after hitting puberty.

“Wait a second!” Brandon exclaimed, his voice cracking due to the typical hormonal changes that accompany male adolescence.

“Cena sucks!”

Upon discovering that his upper lip had sprouted the wispy beginnings of a bad moustache, Brandon instantly began to feel a dislike toward the man who was previously his idol.

Brandon immediately rushed into his bedroom and emptied his closet of a gaudy assortment of colorful t-shirts bearing slogans like “Rise Above Hate” and “Never Give Up.”

Brandon then spotted the beginnings of pubic hair around his groin, which inspired him to immediately order a Seth Rollins t-shirt from WWE’s online store.

He is expected to take a sudden interest in the Divas division any day now.