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John Cena and Daniel Bryan head out for a double-date, unaware that their lovers are about to switch places behind their backs.

For the third time this month, professional wrestlers John Cena and Daniel Bryan have been tricked by their lovers, Nikki and Brie Bella respectively, with the duplicitous “twin magic” switcheroo trick.

“No!” Bryan reportedly hollered after realizing that Nikki Bella, not his wife Brie, was shopping online with his credit card. “No!”

Cena, meanwhile, struggled for hours to discern why his girlfriend looked somehow more petite, before finally realizing her trademark “twins” were looking much less plump than usual.

The Bella Twins are notorious for utilizing “twin magic” to outsmart dimwitted referees to win WWE matches, but their penchant for the sneaky trick extends well beyond the ring.

According to an anonymous source close to the Bella Family, Nikki was the first-born twin, but she quickly slipped back into the womb and swapped places with Brie when doctors and nurses weren’t looking.