Cena can't wrestle
John Cena addresses WWE fans, whom he mistakenly believes are chanting “you can dress well.”

WWE superstar John Cena is undeterred by the taunts of fans around the world because he mistakenly believes they are chanting “You can dress well.”

Blissfully oblivious to the fact that fans are actually chanting “You can’t wrestle,” Cena has continued to smile and salute wrestling fans everywhere.

“It’s an encouraging sentiment,” said Cena, who occasionally wonders if his colorful ring attire is actually a bit gaudy.

“It’s good to know the fans appreciate the way I dress — they’ve always been so supportive of me.”

Cena suffered mild hearing damage during a match against the Big Show several years ago, which may account for his mishearing of chants.

He also believes fans everywhere have been chanting: “Let’s Go Ce-na! Ce-na Rocks!”