Professional sports-entertainer and thespain John Cena has brightened the days of countless ill children over the years, but today he made things weird for eight-year-old Timmy Barnett of Nebraska, who hadn’t yet been told of a grim medical diagnosis.

“Never give up,” said Cena, handing the boy a replica championship belt.

“Why would I give up?” replied Timmy. 

“Well, I mean, no matter how tough things get, just remember to never gi-,” Cena said, before being cut off. 

“Why would things get tough?” pried Timmy, unaware that he had recently been diagnosed with a severe case of squirrelpox, and may need to have his left spleen removed. 

“Mommy,” whined Timmy, turning to his mortified mother, “am I sick? Why is John Cena telling me to never give up?!” 

Cena, realizing he had jumped the gun, smiled awkwardly at the boy’s mother and pretended to receive a phone call so he could leave the room. 

But there’s a happy ending: Timmy received a donor spleen, and doctors were able to retrieve Cena’s foot from his own mouth. 


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