Where is undertaker
The wrestler formerly known as The Undertaker is making waves on the indy scene, hoping for an ROH tryout

Having fallen on hard financial times since the heyday of his WWE career, legendary professional wrestler The Undertaker is venturing onto the independent wrestling circuit.

Now performing as The Mortician (due to WWE ownership of the Undertaker copyright), he is now taking bookings for regional wrestling promotions across North America, reportedly hoping for a Ring of Honor tryout.

The former Phenom, whose 21-match winning streak at WrestleMania is one of the most vaunted records in wrestling history, performed last week for Idaho’s Boise Wrestling Syndicate (BWS), tagging with Bushwhacker Luke in a losing effort against Handicapped Heroes Gregory Iron and Zach Gowen.

He was scheduled to compete in a “Loser Leaves Boise” singles match later that same evening, but the bout was cancelled after Brutus Beefcake failed to arrive at the Boise District High School gymnasium.

Wrestling fans had unanimously assumed that, after his shocking loss to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, The Undertaker would transition to a comfortable, luxurious retirement. Instead, fans across the country have been shocked to spot him, often alongside Virgil, selling five-dollar Polaroids at armories and county fairs.

Asked to explain his dire financial situation on a recent episode of Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast, the Undertaker simply replied: “Michelle (McCool) really enjoys shopping.”

He then added that promoters wishing to book him for indy shows, conventions,  and/or birthday parties can reach him at [email protected]

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