Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said today’s wrestlers need to slow down, sell more, and stop all the spot-fests.

The libtard snowflakes are at it again, pushing their “cancel culture” agenda on anything they don’t like — this time targeting professional wrestling because they “just can’t get into it these days.” 

Demoncrat politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told reporters today that “WWE should be cancelled,” explaining that “the absence of live audiences has made the televised wrestling product stilted and boring.” 

Added AOC: “I mean, does anyone want to see Randy Orton against Bray Wyatt again? And what was the deal with those zombies at WrestleMania Backlash. Sheesh, just cancel this stuff already.”

The crybaby liberals are trotting out all their usual arguments to justify their fascist cancel-culture agenda, like: “Does AJ Styles really need his own Diesel-type character” and “The Thunderdome got old quick.”

On the left-wing propaganda station CNN, liberal pundits are agreeing with the call to cancel professional wrestling, citing talking points like “Chris Jericho’s goofy-looking fall at Blood & Guts” and “Samoa Joe’s WWE release.” 

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