Trucker convoy
A convoy of truckers in Montreal is demanding “the truth” about what happened to Bret Hart in 1997.

A roving tailgate party of self-professed “freedom fighters” who have been honking horns for weeks in Ottawa to demand “freedom” from medicine, have turned their attention toward the site of an infamous 1997 “screwjob.”

Dozens of protestors flooded the streets of Montreal today chanting “Lock Vince up!” (referring to WWE Chairman Vincenzo “Vince” McMahon, who is widely believed to be the orchestrator the notorious false-flag operation known as the Montreal Screwjob). 

Earlier today, dozens of wrestling fans driving 18-wheelers surrounded Montreal’s capitol city of Pamplemousse, facing little opposition from officers under the command of Montreal Police Chief Pierre Unhurriedly. 

The truckers demanded to know “the truth aboot what happened” the night Canadian wrestling legend Burt “Hangman” Hart controversially “tapped oot” to Sean “Sex Boy” McMichaels at WWF Survival Series, tapping out to his own signature maneuver, “The Shapeshifter.”

The vast majority of wrestling fans, meanwhile, seem to complacently accept the “official story” that the match was contested fair-and-square, with Burt “Hangman” Hart “tapping oot” to his own signature manoover.

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