Although Kayfabe News exists primarily to deliver the most hard-hitting, fair and balanced public-service wrestling journalism on the internet, sometimes we like to have a little fun.

So we decided to make one of those “compare the photos” games you look at in celebrity gossip magazines while you’re in a doctor’s waiting room or sitting on a friend’s toilet.

First, have a very close look at the original photo taken at The Greatest Royal Rumble in [LOCATION UNKNOWN]:

greatest royal rumble


Now, see if you can spot the subtle changes we made to the version below! Answers at the bottom of this page.

greatest royal rumble


Did you spot them all?

Want to know the answers?

Are you sure you’re ready to see the answers?




  1. You probably didn’t notice this one, but Braun Strowman is wearing a so-called “pussy hat” as a demonstration of his solidarity with women against the patriarchal hegemony of American politics.
  2. The referee is no longer wearing an earpiece, because he got sick of hearing Vince McMahon bark: “Goddammit, pal, get out of the shot!”
  3. Tye Dillinger’s preposterous manbun is gone, thank God.
  4. Randy Orton’s tattoo “art” has expanded to his collarbone and neck, because why the hell not at this point.
  5. The man in the front row who is picking his nose in the original image is now holding a banana. He will later be arrested for the sexually suggestive phallic undertones of the banana.
  6. The woman beside Banana Man is now wearing sunglasses to hide the fact that she is asleep at this stupid American spectacle that her husband forced her to attend, despite the ringside ticket price of $7.3 million.
  7. Shocked Undertaker Fan is now in the front row, near Randy Orton’s left boot
  8. In the first image, Titus O’Neil is falling backwards due to the force of Braun Strowman’s attack. In the second image, he is just falling down for no reason, as he is known to do.


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