So, you call yourself a wrestling fan, hmm?

Sure, you may be able to name every Intercontinental Champion since Pat Patterson, and you may be able to tell the difference between Viktor and Connor, but we bet you can’t ace this diabolically difficult wrestling quiz!

We zoomed in on the left nipples of seven iconic WWE Superstars, past and present, and we challenge you to identify whose pectoral region each one juts from.


nip wwe

a) Jesse Ventura

b) Hunter Hearst Helmsley

c) Fabulous Moolah

d) Hulk Hogan

e) It’s a satellite photo of the Sierra Madre mountains




a) Shelton Benjamin

b) Ron Simmons

c) R-Truth

d) Titus O’Neil

e) John Cena




a) Elias

b) Primo Colon

c) Epico Colon

d) Carlito

e) Carlos Colon



a) Blake Beverly

b) Beau Beverly

c) Sheamus

d) Paige

e) Hornswoggle



a) Daniel Bryan

b) The Miz

c) Sister Abigail

d) Good Ol’ JR Jim Ross

e) Bruno Sammartino



a) Hacksaw Jim Duggan

b) Jim Powers

c) Hillbilly Jim

d) Jimmy Jam Garvin

e) L’il Jimmy



a) Demolition Smash

b) B. Brian Blair

c) Barry Horowitz

d) Donald Trump

e) A benign polyp in the large intestine of a 47-year-old Florida man during a routine colonoscopy


  1. b
  2. e
  3. a
  4. c
  5. a
  6. a
  7. c

If you were hoping to see some lady nipples in this post, grow up.


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