Breezango breakup
Many pundits are worried that a Breezango breakup could send WWE into a WCW-like death spiral.

As wrestling fans eagerly await WWE’s so-called brand split, one important question is the topic of fierce debate among pundits and scholars: could the company face catastrophic failure if the talent draft results in the breakup of Breezango?

Because the tag team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango is universally acknowledged as the marquee attraction of WWE, some experts worry that splitting up the team could send the company into a financial tailspin from which it may never recover.

Breezango merchandise — t-shirts, DVDs, glitter kits, selfie sticks, furry vests — is by far WWE’s largest source of revenue, and fickle fans are unlikely to attend events not headlined by the duo.

Nervous investors have already begun selling WWE stock, fearful that a Breezango breakup could be imminent amid Tuesday’s completely legitimate and unscripted draft process.

A few noted sports-entertainmentologists, however, have argued that WWE might survive a Breezango split if Breeze and Fandango each becomes the top star of his respective brand, leading to an epic showdown between them in the main event of WrestleMania.