luther and reigns
Roman Reigns has been helped enormously by the influence of his famous cousin, Luther.

Did you know Roman Reigns has a cousin who achieved WWE superstardom during the Attitude Era, paving the way for Reigns’ later success?

Reigns’ cousin is widely regarded as the “most electrifying man in sports entertainment,” who went on to become a leading man in Hollywood movies.

That’s right, Roman Reigns is following in the very big footsteps left behind by his more charismatic and beloved cousin, Luther Reigns!

Luther Reigns blazed a trail through World Wrestling Entertainment, from his role as assistant to Smackdown General Manager Kurt Angle to his epic battles with Booker T and Mark Jindrak.

Many fans believe Roman Reigns would not have achieved his meteoric rise to stardom were it not for the influence of Luther (and his distant German cousin, Brad Rheingans).