Big Show size
Big Show’s camouflage singlet allows him to blend unnoticeably into his environs.

Professional wrestler Paul “Big Show” Wight has developed a fondness for wearing a camouflage-patterned singled because it allows him to go out in public without being seen.

“It’s the perfect way to hide in plain sight,” said the gargantuan superstar, who has grown tired of being the center of attention due to his size.

“When I wear the camo, nobody can see me. I’m finally free.”

Wight said he learned the trick from John Cena, who started wearing camouflage when his growing fame prevented him from going out without being mobbed by fans.

Cena reportedly enjoys sneaking up to people, completely unnoticed due to the cloaking effect of the camouflage, and blurting “You can’t see me!”