follow the buzzards
In hindsight, it made sense that following buzzards would eventually just lead to buzzard nest.

A group of wrestling fans were sorely disappointed after they followed Bray Wyatt’s cryptic commandment to “follow the buzzards,” only to finally come upon a run-of-the-mill buzzard nest.

“Well that was a letdown,” said 22-year-old Steve Wagler, who joined two friends in a long and ultimately pointless wild buzzard chase.

Wagler and his buddies spent seven hours following a pair of buzzards, otherwise known as turkey vultures, around a large area of New Mexico.

The wrestling fans, hoping to uncover the hidden meaning behind the Wyatt Family’s disconcerting slogan, tracked the buzzards from one pile of rotting roadkill to another.

Eventually, the buzzards returned to their nest — a shoddily assembled thatchwork of twigs, twine and assorted bits of garbage. Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper were nowhere to be seen.

The fans concluded that Bray Wyatt is not, in fact, a charismatic prophet, but instead just an inbred nutjob.