reigns triple h friends
Roman Reigns has declared “sufferin’ succotash” about his online friendship with WWE colleague Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

As legendary wrestling commentator Jim Ross would proclaim, business just picked up on the Road to WrestleMania, after injured challenger Roman Reigns ended his three-year Facebook “friendship” with reigning WWE champ and rival Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Though their personal relationship has been strained for months, Reigns and Helmsley have always maintained a cordial online connection, with Reigns posting funny memes on Helmsley’s Facebook page, and Helmsley always “liking” the cat videos Reigns posts.

But the brutal beatdown Helmsley unleashed on Reigns this past Monday was the “last straw,” said Reigns, who unfriended Helmsley — and unfollowed him on Twitter — once he was released from hospital.

“To be honest, it felt great,” Reigns said of the unfriending. “He posts too many pictures of his kids anyway.”

Reigns and Helmsley, who will square off at WrestleMania, still remain connected on Tout, but only because they’ve both forgotten how to log in to Tout.