goldberg lesnar In the final week before their epic WrestleMania rematch, the tension between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg reached a boiling point today when Lesnar unfriended Goldberg on Facebook. 

Goldberg was reportedly “furious” about the social media snubbing, since he has always enjoyed looking through Lesnar’s photo gallery of selfies in The Beast Incarnate’s favorite botanical gardens around the world. 

Although Goldberg and Lesnar are bitter rivals in the ring, they have always enjoyed a cordial relationship on social media, even during times when their relationship status was listed as “It’s complicated.”

In retaliation for Lesnar’s social media affront, Goldberg unfollowed Lesnar on Twitter, which was a relatively empty gesture because Lesnar has not tweeted since August 2016. 

Golberg considered setting his Instagram profile to private in order to annoy Lesnar, but he didn’t want to deprive his other followers of his popular photos of vegan recipes. 

Lesnar and Goldberg will settle their differences through physical competition next weekend at WrestleMania, after which they are expected to become besties again.