Daniel Bryan kane hugProfessional wrestlers Daniel Bryan and Kane, once bitter enemies whose rivalry had descended into stalking and unsanctioned violence, put their differences aside this morning by privately hugging it out.

The duo reportedly met at a diner near Bryan’s Phoenix home and, despite a tense start to the conversation, spent the next several hours reaching a truce through peaceful dialogue.

It was a surprising turnaround for the estranged pair, given that their last encounter resulted in the brutal beating and hospitalization of Bryan.

According to witnesses, Kane and Bryan were accompanied by a “bald, scrawny dweeb” that many believe was Dr. Marion Shelby, longtime anger management therapist to the former tag team.

At the conclusion of the brunch — during which Bryan and Kane chatted jovially and shared a cinnamon bun for dessert — they stood up and embraced one another for several tender minutes.

One restaurant patron described the hug as “beautiful,” and insists he overheard Kane whispering to Bryan: “You complete me.”

Neither party has commented publicly on the matter, although Bryan later cryptically tweeted: “Hell yes. #BFFs”