brodus clay momma
Gladys Clay has never felt so alone on Planet Funk.

Although her phone used to ring off the hook during her son’s tenure as a WWE superstar, the momma of Brodus Clay has not received a call in years and is beginning to lose hope. 

Gladys Clay, a female funkasaurus born during the mesozoic era of Planet Funk 240 million years ago, became accustomed to frequent calls between 2012 and 2013, when her son Brodus was booty-shaking his way through the WWE mid-card. 

But now nobody — not even her Funkdadactyl nieces, Naomi and Cameron — calls Gladys, and the artist formerly known as Brodus Clay (now known in WWE as “Kevin Owens”) is concerned for his mother’s wellbeing. 

“Somebody, please, I urge you, call my momma,” Clay pleaded on Twitter.

“For the love of God, won’t somebody PLEASE call my momma?!”

Wilma Miller, mother of Ernest “The Cat” Miller, is believed to be suffering a similar ennui. 


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