Attitude era
This man insists he was only a big WWE fan during the Attitude Era, during which he learned to walk and use the potty.

Today’s professional wrestling is “way too PG” for 18-year-old Tyler Platt, a self-described “smark” who is nostalgic for WWE’s edgier Attitude Era, even though he was in diapers during the period.

Platt tells anyone who will listen that he “liked WWE better during the Attitude Era,” although his parents, Todd and Marilyn, insist he was actually more into Thomas the Tank Engine at the time.

WWE’s Attitude Era, the period roughly between 1997 and 2002, was known for raunchy storylines, vulgar language, an obsessive focus on artificially spherical breasts — all of which Platt mistakenly would still resonate with the present-day audience.

Platt says he still remembers exactly where he was when The Undertaker threw Mick Foley off the Hell in a Cell cage, which is impossible because he was a fetus at the time.